Danish WW2 Pilots

Kaj Alfred Green

(1920 - 1944)

Kaj Alfred Green volunteers for the Royal Norwegian Air Force during the Second World War. He is trained as navigator and posted to No. 330 (Norwegian) Squadron. He is killed in action on 4 October 1944.

Kaj Alfred Green is born on 7 May 1920. During the Second World War he volunteers for the Royal Norwegian Air Force and is trained as navigator.

At the 330 (Norwegian) Squadron

At the end of training he is posted at No. 330 (Norwegian) Squadron and is promoted to Quartermaster. From the information, I have gathered, It seems likely that he is posted to the squadron on 17 June 1944.

On 17 June 1944 the Operational Record Book states that two new crews arrive at Sullom Voe from No. 4 Operational Training Unit, Alness. No names are indicated, but two factors bring me to the conclusion that one of these crews is the crew of fenrik (Second Lieutenant) Sigmund Alfred Johnsen. First of all the crew is not included in the ORB before this day. Secondly they are training the following days which corresponds with a recent arrival. Among the crew is K A Green.

On 24 June 1944 the crew takes off on their first mission. Sunderland Mk. III (W/330 ‘EJ133’) takes off on patrol at 1045 hrs. and returns the shortly after midnight at 0045. In the following months, K A Green participates in 16 patrol missions on Sunderland Mk. III’s as part Johnsen’s crew.

The Last Mission

On 4 October 1944 Sunderland Mk. III (Z/330 ‘NJ181’) takes of from Sullom Voe at 1045 hrs. The mission is a line patrol in the Utvær area. The aircraft is piloted by Second Lieutenant Sigmund Alfred Johnsen. At 1745 hrs. the aircraft is ordered to return to the base because of bad weather in Sullom Voe, but the aircraft does not respond and is never heard of again.

A British crew in the area reports to have seen an aircraft in fire and disintegrating as a large oil leak in the sea. A Catalina crew reported to have been in combat with German fighters. In the night the German broadcasting reports that two aircraft have been shot down near the Norwegian coast.

The crew of ten men is killed. Apart from the Second Lieutenant Sigmund Alfred Johnsen and Kaj Alfred Green these are Quartermasters Finn Borchgreving (2nd pilot), Evald Sigfred Erlandsen (WOM), Per Ole William Fjelberg (WO/AG), Otto Sudman Bjørvik (WO/AG), Kjell Erdmann (F/ENG), Sigurd Kristofer Frisvoll (FME/AG), Fritjov Lavoll (A/G) and Vemund Melvær (A/G).

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