Danish WW2 Pilots


The nucleus of this site is the individual profiles of each person I have been able to find that was in air force service during the war. The profiles can be accessed though the alphabetical index.

Olaf Francis Poulsen

Olaf F. Poulsen was born in Ghent in Belgium in 1911, by a Danish father. He served in the Royal Air Force in England, Burma and Africa during the Second World War.

Erik Nielsen

Erik Nielsen is born in Denmark but immigrates to Australia before the war. He serves in the Volunteer Defence Corps as well as the Royal Australian Air Force before the war.

John Frederick Louis Zollner

John Frederick Louis Zollner was born in Newcastle, the son of the Danish Consul. He was trained as a civil pilot before the war and served as Second Officer and pilot in the Air Transport Auxiliary from 1941 to 1945.

Preben August Møller

Preben August Møller was one the the Danish volunteers in the Royal Air Force during the war, even if he only served in the air force for a short while. He also served in the Norwegian Navy and in the US Army.