Danish WW2 Pilots


The nucleus of this site is the individual profiles of each person I have been able to find that was in air force service during the war. The profiles can be accessed though the alphabetical index.

Wilhelm Godtfredsen

Wilhelm Godtfredsen is one of two officers of the Army Air Force who are on 9 April 1940 when Luftwaffe attacks the Værløse airfield north of Copenhagen.

Poul Ulrik Axel Keel

Ulrik Keel was working in British East Africa at the outbreak of war. He enlisted in the Royal Air Force in 1940 and was trained as pilot. He served in North Africa as well as in Burma and India. He returned to England as instructor, but was killed in a training accident in June 1944.

Neil Hyland Svendsen

Although mentioned in Ancker (2006) is one of the Danes in allied air force service, I have no indication suggesting that Neil Hyland Svendsen was in fact Danish. On the contrary.

Einar Knud Alfred Andersen

Einar Knud Alfred Andersen is in service in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, and is killed in action in 1942. He is, according to my information, born and raised in Britain, presumably, by a Danish born father. Hence, he is registrered as English.