Danish WW2 Pilots


The nucleus of this site is the individual profiles of each person I have been able to find that was in air force service during the war. The profiles can be accessed though the alphabetical index.

Niels Juul Rysensteen Buchwald

Niels Juul Rysensteen Buchwald had served in the Naval Air Service before the war. He escaped to Britain in 1942 and volunteered for the Royal Air Force. He was killed in October 1944 during an operation over the Netherlands.

Bernhard Ingvar S. Mathisen

Bernard Ingvar S. Mathisen is born in Aarhus, Denmark, in 1924, but is of Norwegian nationality. He volunteers for the Royal Norwegian Air Force in 1943.

Emmanuel Richard Thomsen

Emmanuel Richard Thomsen is one the Danes who volunteer for the Royal Canadian Air Force. He serves as tractor operator with the rank of Corporal.