Danish WW2 Pilots


The nucleus of this site is the individual profiles of each person I have been able to find that was in air force service during the war. The profiles can be accessed though the alphabetical index.

Hans Martensen

Hans Martensen was one of several young sailors on-board the Danish training ship Danmark that stranded in United States in 1940 due to the war. He joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1943.

Ole Bechgaard

Danish or Swedish? Ole Bechgaard volunteers for the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. He is killed in a flying accident in 1943.

Kaj Kærgaard Johansen

Kaj Kærgaard Johansen is attached to the Royal Norwegian Air Forces in Canada during the war as flight mechanic.

Paul Andersen

Paul Andersen enlisted in the RCAF in late 1942 and served as an air gunner in 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron in 1944. Andersen and his crew was killed in action returning from a minelaying operation over Danish waters in 15/16 July 1944.