Danish WW2 Pilots

Kpl Preben Malm Rasmussen

(1915 - 1941)

Preben Malm Rasmussen is among the first casualties in the air when he dies in a flying training accident in Canada in 1941.

Preben Malm Rasmussen is born on 30 March 1915 in Østerbro, Copenhagen. He is the son of merchant Victor Jens Krøll Rasmussen and Camilla Amalie Rasmussen (née Malm). [1]

On 6 June 1938 he arrives in New York from Southampton on-board the SS QUEEN MARY. The trip has been paid by his father and his profession is stated as fur merchant. On 14 April 1939 a Mogens Holm arrives in New York providing Preben Malm Rasmussen of Park Avenue as friend or relative. [2]

Volunteers for the Royal Norwegian Air Force

He joins the Norwegian forces in Canada at some point, most likely in the end of 1940 or beginning of 1941 (RNAF 203).

On 26 March 1941 he takes of in a Fairchild M62A ('139', 41-537) from the training camp "Little Norway." The aircraft crash in Lake Ontario, south of Ward Island and about of the Island Airport. His body was found two days later. This is the first flying accident suffered by Norwegian Air Force in Toronto. [3]


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