Danish WW2 Pilots

Sit Carl Erik Randløv

(1917 - 1962)

Carl Erik Randløv is one of the young Danish men who volunteer for the Royal Norwegian Air Forces in camp "Little Norway" during the Second World War.

Carl Erik Randløv is born on 20. july 1917 in Copenhagen. He is the son of blacksmith Kristian Carl Randløv and Johanne Frederikke Randløv (née Andersen). [1]

On 17 March 1938 he arrives in New York from Hamburg, Germany, on-board the SS MANHATTEN. According to the immigration records, he intends to visit his sister, Else Kirstine Randløv, who has been living in the U.S. since 1930. [2]

At some point, presumably in 1941, he volunteers for the Royal Norwegian Air Force in camp "Little Norway" in Canada during the Second World War. He works as mechanic. On 13 October 1941 his mother crosses the Canadian-U.S. border having visited her son in Canada. [3] Futhermore, Kjeld Rønhof mentions that Carl Erik Randløv 'a mechanic from USA" is already in "Little Norway", when he arrives in May 1941. [4]

Carl Erik Randløv is listed as Fitter IIB Engine on a list of personnel in 332 (N) Squadron as of 1 March 1943. [5] He follows the Norwegian forces to the continent as corporal and mechanic. [6]

According to my information Carl Erik Randløv dies in 1962 in Connecticut. [7]


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