Danish WW2 Pilots

Fenr. Alfred Henri Blichfeldt Quistgaard

(1908 - 1941)

Alfred Henri Blichfeldt Quistgaard volunteers for the Royal Norwegian Air Force during the Second World War. He is killed crossing the Atlantic when his troop carrier is torpedoed on in the spring of 1941.

Alfred Henri Blichfeldt Quistgaard is born on 22 February 1908 in Elsinore, Denmark. He is the son of miller Vilhelm Brockhoff and Elna Ingeborg Quistgaard (née Blichfeldt). [1]

Royal Norwegian Air Force service

He volunteers for the Royal Norwegian Air Force in Canada fairly early in the war. I have not got the exact date, but on 18 March 1941 he enters Unites States from Canadian according to U.S. immigration records. His occupation is then recorded as pilot. [2]

In the spring of 1941 the Royal Norwegian Air Force intends to strengthen the organisation in London. Alfred Henri Quistgaard and three other men are transferred to London. [3]

Torpedoed by German U-boat

On 1 May 1941 he is killed when crossing the Atlantic his ship, the S.S. Nerissa is torpedoed by the German U-boat U-552 about 100 miles off the coast of Ireland. More than 200 people on-board were killed; among them Alfred Henri Quistgaard. He then holds the rank of fenrik (2nd Lieutenant). [4]


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