Danish WW2 Pilots

Fg Off. Niels Peter William Pedersen

(1923 - 1945)

Niels Peter William Pedersen volunteers for the Royal Air Force, Bomber Command, during the Second World War. He is killed in February 1945.

Niels Peter William Pedersen is born on 29 September 1923. He is the son of Niels Jørgen Johannes Pedersen and of May Mary Pedersen (b. Smith), of East Barnet, Hertfordshire. He is mentioned in lists of Danish casualties, but I have not evidence that he was Danish citizen. [1]

He volunteers for Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

On the night of 3/4 February 1945, he is killed in action whilst flying Lancaster (NN739 'TC-Q') of 170 Squadron out of RAF Station Hemswell bombing the Prosper benzol plant at Bottrop. Of 192 Lancasters this is one of eight lost during this raid. He is then Flying Officer (Air Bomber). [2]

He is commemorated at the Reichwald Forest War Cemetery in Germany. [3]


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