Danish WW2 Pilots

Ove Pauli Mikkelsen

(1920 - 1995)

I have very few information on this man. He is in Air Force service during the Second World War.

Ove Pauli Mikkelsen is born on 20 March 1920 according to my information on the Faroe Islands. [1]

On 26 May 1940 he arrives in New York from Gothenburg, Sweden, on-board the SS BARDALAND. He had signed on this ship on 1 February 1940 in Liverpool. It is his third year at sea. On 29 June 1940 he signs on the MS HARRY G SEIDEL in New York. In the following months several arrivals in New York are registered. [2]

At some point he volunteers for the Royal Air Force or Royal Norwegian Air Force during the Second World War as aircraft mechanic. He is not registered in Omholt-Jensen (1986), which suggests that he is not in Norwegian service. [3]

In 1949 he is signed on the MS JUTLANDIA of the Danish East Asiatic Company. [4]


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