Danish WW2 Pilots

Milan Martiny

(1921 - 1943)

Milan Martiny volunteers for the South African Air Force, but is killed during his training to become a pilot on 6 September 1943.

Milan Martiny is born on 26 June 1921. He is the son of Dr. Camillo Martiny and Selma Martiny, Smithfield, Orange Free State. He is the brother of Oluf Martiny also in service during the war. He is Danish citizen.

He volunteers for the South African Air Force and is trained as pilot (178302 V). [1]

On 6 September 1943 Milan Martiny is killed while pupil pilot at No. 23 Air School, Waterkloof, Pretoria. His Harvard IIA (ex EX663, 41-33636, c/n 88-12329) crashes on Delmas Road, 19 miles from Pretoria as part of the wing brakes of after pull out. [2]

He is buried in the Thaba Tshwane (New) Military Cemetery. [3]


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