Danish WW2 Pilots

FS Sten Lindhard

(1908 - 1944)

Sten Lindhard is working as civil engineer in Birmingham, when the Germans occupy Denmark in 1940. He volunteers for Royal Air Force in 1942 and advances to Flight Lieutenant in No. 149 Squadron. He is killed in action in 1944.

Sten Lindhard is born on 18 November 1908 in Copenhagen. He is the son of Professor Erik and Agnes Kirstine Lindhard (née Nielsen). [1]

He finishes his A-levels in 1926 and continues his studies at the Polytechnic Institute in Copenhagen qualifying as a civil engineer in 1932. He is employed by the Danish company F. L. Smidt & Co. in 1932. In 1936 he is employed by Saabye & Lerche, but travels to England the same year working for the company Th. Teisen from 1936 to 1942. [2]

Volunteers for the Royal Air Force

In 1942 he volunteers for the Royal Air Force and is eventually posted to No. 149 (East India) Squadron. He takes part in many operations over occupied Europe. [3]

In the spring of 1944 the Allies are preparing for the coming invasion of continental Europe. No. 149 Squadron is involved in supply drops to the French resistance, when not laying mines to keep the German fleet and U-boats in the harbours. [4]

Last Mission

On 10 April 1944, Sterling Mk. III (LK382 'OJ-Q') takes of from RAF Station Lakenheath on course for France on a Special Operations mission. Flight Lieutenant Steen Lindhard is the navigator of the aircraft.

Near Esmery-Hallon, Somme, the aircraft fells victim of a German night fighter. The crew of seven, F/L R V Sanders, Sgt T Warden, F/S S Lindhard, P/O J W Patrick, RCAF, P/O D McGregor, Sgt C R Kemp, Sgt T Hardman, are all killed. [5]

The aircraft is the eigth victim of Hauptman Kurt Fladrich of 9. Staffel, Nachtjagdgeschwader 4. [6]

The crew, except Sgt Kemp, is buried at the New British Cemerery near Roye, Somme. [7]

Valuable information provided by Finn Buch.


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