Danish WW2 Pilots

Annette Augusta Schalburg

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Annette Augusta Schalburg is one of the women of Danish descent who volunteers for the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War.

Annette Augusta Schalburg is born in 1918 in Stratford, England. [1] She is the daughter of later Flying Officer Ernst Schalburg and Beatrice Ridgway. [2] The couple marries in 1912, but divorces in 1921. [3]

The mother marries Professor Albert R Prince and the couple moves to Canada in 1927. At this point she is British subject. [4]

Annette Augusta Schalburg is in service in the Royal Canadian Air Force Women’s Division during the Second World War. She held the rank of Flight Officer according to my information. I have no further details on her service. [5]


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