Danish WW2 Pilots

Henry Haakon Hansen

(1915 - n.a.)

Henry Haakon Hansen volunteers for service in Royal New Zealand Air Force in the end of 1942.

Henry Haakon Hansen is born on 13 September 1915. [1]

In the 1930s Henry H. Hansen is at sea. In the early years on-board the East Asiatic Company's SS TONKING sailing on the Pacific route. In 1934 he arrives several times in New York on-board the SS FREDERIK VIII. [2]

He enlists for aircrew training on 24 October 1942 and graduates as pilot in RNZAF in late 1943. He is commissioned on 29 March 1945 and is transferred to the reserve as Flying Officer on 12 February 1946.

I have no further information on his service at this point.

He becomes a naturalised New Zealand citizen on 18 June 1946. [3]


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