Danish WW2 Pilots

Robert Christian Bostrøm

(1920 - 2005)

Robert Christian Bostrøm is in service in the Royal Air Force Administrative and Service Duties Branch during the Second World War. Born in Edinburgh by Danish parents, I have yet to confirm that he was in fact himself Danish citizen.

Robert Christian Bostøm is born on 22 July 1920 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is the son of Robert Lars Christian Bostrom and Annie Eliza Bostrom. [1]

During the Second World War he volunteers for the Royal Air Force. He participated in the development, testing and deployment of aircraft navigation and detection technologies. [2]

He is attached to the Administrative and Service Duties Branch. On 19 August 1943 he is promoted from Corporal to Acting Pilot Officer and on 14 October 1943 he is promoted to Pilot Officer on probation. On 14 April 1944 he is confirmed in this appointment, and further promoted to Flying Officer. [3]

He is later promoted to Flight Lieutenant. [4]


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