Danish WW2 Pilots

Flt Lt Aage Rejmer Jensen

(1909 - 1984)

Aage Rejmer Jensen is born on 2 December 1909 in Denmark. [1]

I presume he is identical to Aage R. Jensen arriving in Halifax, NS, on 7 April 1929. [2]

In Service

He enlists in the Royal Canadian Air Force in Regina, Saskatchewan, on 25 November 1940 and is posted to No.2 Manning Depot, Brandon (R 79830).

On 31 January 1941 he is posted to No.10 Repair Depot for guard duty. On 15 March 1941 he is posted to No. 3 Wireless School and he is promoted to Leading Aircraftman on 15 April 1941.

On 3 August 1941 he is posted to No. 7 Bomber & Gunnery School and 1 September 1941 he graduates and is promoted to Sergeant. The next day he is posted to Embarkation Depot. He is posted to RAF overseas on 21 September 1941.

On 1 March 1942 he is promoted to Flight Sergeant, on 1 November 1942 to Warrant Officer, 2nd Class and on 1 May 1943 to Warrant Officer, First Class.

He is subsequently commissioned and thus promoted to Pilot Officer (J.19443) with effect from 1 March 1943 and promoted Flying Officer on 1 October 1943.

He is repatriated to Canada on 15 November 1944 and retired with rank of Flight Lieutenant on 24 March 1945. [3]


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