Danish WW2 Pilots

Ole Bechgaard

(1912 - 1943)

Danish or Swedish? Ole Bechgaard volunteers for the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. He is killed in a flying accident in 1943.

Ole Bechgaard is born c. 1922. He is the son of Poul and Elisabeth Johanne Bechgaard. The sources differ as to the nationality of this pilot. According to a list of Danish casualties in allied service published in 1946 he is Danish. The is supported by the fact that he is awarded the King Christian X’s Medal for Participation in the War 1940-45 post mortem after the war. The CWGC record however suggests that his parents are Swedish. [1]

Volunteers for the Royal Air Force

Ole Bechgaard volunteers for the Royal Air Force at some point during the war (RAFVR, 107285). In 1943 he is posted at No. 604 (County of Middlesex) Squadron flying Bristol Beaufighters. [2]

On 7 October 1943 he is killed in a training accident. Taking off from Catterick on 1450 on an air test the aircraft, Bristol Beaufighter (V8557), stalls and spins to the ground. The crew is killed. Ole Bechgaard then hold the rank of Flight Lieutenant. [3]

He is buried at Catterick Cemetery, Nonconformist Sec. Row O.O. Grave 10. [4]


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