Danish WW2 Pilots

Gunnar Christensen George Egebjerg

(1917 - 1993)

Gunnar Christensen Egebjerg is trained as bomber pilot during the Second World War. He is the only Danish pilot to serve both the Royal Air Force and the U.S. Army Air Force.

Gunnar Christensen George Egebjerg is born on 21 June 1917 in Parlier, California, but by Danish parents. The family returns to Denmark and he is brought up on the island of Funen. Gunnar Egebjerg leaves Copenhagen on-board a merchant ship on 1 April 1940 and arrives in Manchester, England, on 9 April 1940; the day of the German occupation of Denmark.

Volunteers for Royal Air Force

In England he volunteers for the Royal Air Force and is trained as bomber pilot. In March 1942 he is posted to Egypt. Arriving in April he is posted to No 14 Squadron flying Blenheims at the time. From August 1942 the squadron converts to Maurauders. A group of US Army Air Force personnel is attached to the squadron to help the pilots and ground crew in the conversion. He is appointed Pilot Officer on probation (RAFVR, 138883) with effect on 6 September 1942.

On 21 February 1943 Egebjerg takes part in the biggest Maurauder operation that No 14 Squadron had carried out yet. The target is the harbour on the island on Melos 80 miles north of Crete. Reconnaissance had shown shipping supporting the Axis Forces in Tunisia in the harbour.

U.S. Army Air Force

In March 1943 he is transferred to the U.S. Army Air Force and is attached to an American bomber group and completes 36 missions before returning to the United States as ferry pilot in November 1943.

Gunnar Egebjerg returns to United States after the war. He dies on 21 December 1993 in Temple City, Los Angeles, California.

(Orange, 1996; Finn Buch)