Danish WW2 Pilots

Vera Elise Strodl

(1918 - 2015)

Vera Strodl (later Dowling) is one of the most well known Danish women in service during the Second World War.

Vera Strodl was born in Braughing, Hertfordshire, England on 16 July 1918. According to Danish sources she was born in Bogense, Denmark (Palmér, 1946, Ancker, 2001). She develops a passion for flying following a flying experience on the Isle of Wight in 1931.

From test pilot to ferry pilot

She is trained as a pilot in the Sussex Aero Club in the following years, and qualifies as a pilot in 1937. In 1939, she joins the Auster Aircraft Co. as test pilot, but she volunteers for the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) in 1941 and is in service as ferry pilot until the end of the war. During these years, she ferries many different aircraft types.

After the war

In 1946, she serves with the Womens Royal Air Force Voluntary Reserve (W.R.A.F.V.R.) as pilot and later flying instructor. In 1952, she emigrates to Canada, where she has had a unique flying career.

Vera Strodl continued flying until 1987 after approximately 30.000 hours of flying. On 13 May 2000, she granted membership of The Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame.

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