Danish WW2 Pilots

Poul Bruno Arends

(1924 - 2002)

I have very little information on Poul Bruno Arends apart from the fact that he serves the Royal Air Force as aircraft mechanic.

Poul Bruno Arends is born in 1924 in Irkutsk, Siberia. He is the son of farmer Poul Arends and Eugine Sophie Arends, Ecuador.

The family leaves boards the SS DROTNINGHOLM in Gothenburg, Sweden, bound for New York on 6 March 1940 and arrives in New York on 19 March 1940. They are bound for Ecuador.

On 16 November 1943 Poul Bruno Arends arrives in New York from Brisbane, Australia, on-board the SS NORTHUMBERLAND in transit to the UK. He arrives in Liverpool on 3 December 1943. His profession is stated as agriculturist and his destination as Danish House, Pont Street in London.

According to Ancker (2001), Poul Bruno Arends volunteers for service in the Royal Air Force following his arrival in London. He serves as aircraft mechanic holding the rank of AC/2.

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