Danish WW2 Pilots

Pvt Hugo Holten Møller

(1924 - n.a. )

I have little information on Hugo Holten Møller apart from the fact that he is in service in the Royal Norwegian Air Force in 1942-1945.

Hugo Holten Møller is born on 21 August 1924. He is the son of engineer Hugo Holten Møller and Anna Holten Møller. The father was in New York during the Second World War working with the relations to Greenland.

He arrives in New York on 3 December 1940 on-board SS SIBONY from Lisbon, Portugal. He is accompanied by his mother and sister. They hold diplomatic status according to the U.S. Immigration records and are most likely to join the father in New York having escaped occupied Denmark.

He makes several crossings of the U.S.-Canadian border for a visit to his father in New York, while in service in the Royal Norwegian Air Force in camp "Little Norway" in Toronto holding the rank of private.

According to the records he arrives in New York in January 1943 on-board the SS Pasteur. I have not been able to trace this crossing of the liner, but this indicates that he is posted to Europe at some point in 1942.

The last record I have been able to track indicating service in the Royal Norwegian Air Force is in August 1945. About a year later he arrives in New York from Toronto, Canada, with the intention of staying there permanently.

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