Danish WW2 Pilots

Sjt Werner Jungløv

(1918 - 1987)

Werner Jungløv joins the Royal Norwegian Air Force during the Second World War. He is trained as navigator, but I have no record of any operational flying duty in the Norwegian squadrons in this capacity. Instead he is attached to the Royal Air Force Transport Command as navigator.

Werner Jungløv is born on 9 July 1918 in Copenhagen, Denmark. According to Ancker (2001) he serves in the Royal Norwegian Air Force during the Second World War as guard holding the rank of sergeant. Records available from the U.S. Immigration Authorities help to establish a clearer, though not complete picture of his service.

Working in Greenland

On 17 September 1940 Werner Jungløv arrives to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from Godthaab, Greenland, on-board SS JULIUS THOMSEN. The U.S. Immigration Record connected to the arrival states his occupation as cryolit miner.

The records of border crossings from Canada to U.S. include several records of Werner Jungløv crossing the border at Buffalo in the years 1942-44. On 10 December 1942 he crosses the border recording Ivigtut, Greenland as last permanent address. I have no record of his whereabouts during 1941.

Volunteers for the Royal Norwegian Forces

On 4 March 1943 Werner Jungløv crosses the Canadian border. Camp “Little Norway” is given as the last permanent address, which indicates that he has volunteered for the Royal Norwegian Air Forces at this point in time. His occupation is recorded as airman. This suggests that he has been trained for flying duties.

Air Transport Command

On 26 September 1944 Werner Jungløv arrives to Laguardia Airport, New York, from Casablanca. He is navigator (sergeant) of a crew transporting a number of U.S. soldiers from Morocco to United States.

His final destination is recorded as R.A.F.T.C. and it is stated that he is navigator in Royal Norwegian Air Force, but with the transport command.

After the Liberation

Werner Jungløv emigrates to the United States after the war.

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