Danish WW2 Pilots

Ole Christian Tvede Geisler

(1913 - 1948)

While Ole Christian Tvede Geisler is mostly known for his wartime SOE-service, a brief time in Norwegian service in "Little Norway" earns him a place here.

Ole Christian Tvede Geisler is born on 20 March 1913. He is son of Christian Peder Wilhelm Geisler (1869-1951), organist at the Garnisons Church in Copenhagen.

He finishes his A-levels in 1931 and enters the Polytechnic to become civil engineer. After a few years of study, he drops out and signs on a ship bound for the far East. He signs of in Shanghai and works for a Danish construction company for some time. In 1939 he is enlisted in the British police in Shanghai. At the outbreak of war he wishes to enlist for the British armed forces, but lacking the support from the Danish legation he signs on a ship bound for the United States.

On 3 July 1941, Geisler eventually arrives to New York on-board SS TORRENS via Manila, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Cristobal in the Canal Zone. He is dismissed and travels to Canada. He is accepted for service in the Royal Norwegian Air Force in camp "Little Norway" in Canada.

On 21 November 1941 Geisler arrives in Liverpool on-board the SS ORCADES from Halifax, Canada. He is part of a group of 11 Danes bound for the Danish Unit of the East Kent Regiment (the Buffs). He volunteers for British service and in the end of 1941 he begins SOE-training. Having successfully ended training, he is part of a crew of four agents dropped in Denmark by parachute on 16 February 1943. The following years he is a very successful agent in occupied Denmark. He is awarded the Distinguished Service Order in 1946.

He dies in 1948 in South Africa, where he worked as engineer.

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