Danish WW2 Pilots

Einar Knud Alfred Andersen

(1919 - 1942)

Einar Knud Alfred Andersen is in service in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, and is killed in action in 1942. He is, according to my information, born and raised in Britain, presumably, by a Danish born father. Hence, he is registrered as English.

Einar K A Andersen is born on 1919 in West Ashford, Kent. He is the son of Alfred and Nellie Louisa Andersen, of Southgate, Middlesex, according to the CWGC.

On 3 February 1943, his mother and brother Raymond Canute Andersen is killed at 72 Birling Road, Ashford, Kent. His mother's maiden name is given as Baxter, which does not correspond with the maiden name of the mother stated on the birth certificate that I presume is Einar Andersen's.

According to the London Gazette (35283) he is awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal on 23 September 1941, while attached to No. 44 Squadron. He then holds the rank of Sergeant.

On 20 August 1942 he is killed in action while in service in No. 75 (RNZAF) Squadron. He then, according to the CWGC, holds the rank of Warrant Officer. I have at the time being, no further details on this loss.

He is - I presume - British but born by a Danish father.

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