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Laursen, Asger
(1913 - n.a.)

Asger Laursen is one of a small number of Danish pilots who volunteers for the Malayan Volunteer Air Force during the Second World War. He ends the war in a Japanese prisoner of war camp on Java.

Asger Laursen is born on 24 October 1913 in the parish of Odder, Denmark. He is the son of farmer Mikael Laursen and Mary Laursen (née Rasmussen). [1]

Asger Laursen works for United Plantations in Malaysia at the outbreak of war and is trained as pilot in the Ipoh Flying Club. [2]

He volunteers for the Malayan Volunteer Air Force during 1941, and advances to Flight Lieutenant. He is taken prisoner of war following the Japanese attack. He becomes PoW at Java, and returns to the Jendarata Estate, Telok Anson, Perak, in October 1945. [3]

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