Danish WW2 Pilots

Ob.ltn. Kaj Birksted


332 Sqn


Spitfire IX , BS458 (KB)




13:40 -15:30


Circus S.1. A force of medium bombers were going to bomb Abbeville Marshalling Yards and a number of Fighter sweeps were laid down in connection with the operation. The North Weald Wing, led by K. Birksted, D.F.C., were to sweep under Appledore Control as Forth Fighter sweep. When at 24,000 feet in Merville-Bethun aire, 10-12 Me. 109G's flying at 10,000 feet were bounded by this Squadron. Five pilots fires and Sgt. Aanjesen O. claims one damaged observing canon strikes on e/a. The formation of e/a dived away into 8/10ths cloud at 8,000 feet. The Wing climbed to 24,000 feet and remained in the same area. Then 8-10 e/a were seen to climb through gaps in the clouds. These e/a believed to be of the first formation attacked, were bounced when at 8,000 feet. Two pilots opened fire before e/a again dived away and Major K. Birksted, D.F.C., claims one damaged. The pilots returned to base where they returned without further incident.


AIR 27/1728


ORB indicates aircraft as BS548, but this is likely be an error as BS458 was 132 W/C mount during this period.

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