Danish WW2 Pilots

Ob.ltn. Kaj Birksted


331 Sqn


Spitfire IX , BS471 (FN-T)




10:50 -12:35


Took off for shipping recco along the Belgian and Dutch coasts towards Flushing. They flew at sea level till about 3 miles off Nieuport, then they carried on along the coast to Walcheren Island turning to port. When about 3 miles off Walcheren they were attacked by 4 F.W. 190's from behind, so they turned sharply to port and met the e/a head on. Several engagements took place and 3 F.W. 190's were damaged. Unfortunately we lost two good fellowss, F/Sgt. Owren and Sgt. Sem-Olsen who did not return. It is believed that sgt. Sem-Olsen's plane was seen to break up in mid air and then dive into the sea, and F/Sgt. Owren's plane may have been hit by the pieces and so caused to crash into the sea, or he may have been hot by flak, but nothing was observed. 10 remaining a/c landed safely at North Weald 1235 hrs.


AIR 27/1724


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