Danish WW2 Pilots

Flt Lt Sven Olaf Meyer


62 Sqn


Hudson III , V9189 (JO-D)


15.05.43 / 15.06.43


17:38 -21:04


Only three aircraft - 'A', 'F' and 'J' reached the target area, the reminder being compelled to return through weather or fuel pressure falling off as height increased. Weather varied cinsiderably throughout the trip. Cloud amount varied between 2/10 and 10/10. At times detours had to be made to avoid cumulus-nimbus formations. Water features on the ground stood out clearly in the moonlight, but haze rendered other features indistinct. Conditions were good over the target area.

A/C 'A' bombed on 320° and observed three bursts approx 200 yards E of runways and estimated in dispersal area.

A/C 'F' bombed on 205° after two dummy runs. Burst were seen straddling northern end of main runways the first being considerably larger than the other. A small but persistent fire was started in the western dispersal area. A flare released after bombing revealed smoke and/or dust along the line of the stick.

A/C 'J' unable to see target clearly on account of haze proceeded to the secondary target and bombed on a heading of 050° Three bursts were observed straddling N end of old runway, one of which started a small fire.

The only opposition encountered was from four or five bursts of light A.A. from the secondary target. Thundery conditions made radio conditions bad - A/Cs 'F' and 'J' being able to contact to identify themselves on the homeward leg.


AIR 27/583


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