Danish WW2 Pilots

Flt Lt Sven Olaf Meyer

(1916 - 1977)

Sven Olaf Meyer enlists in the Royal Canadian Air Force on 1940. He is trained as Pilot and serves with No. 177 Wing in the Far East. He is awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Sven Olaf Meyer is born on 22 September 1916 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The family immigrates to Canada in 1922. [1]

He is educated at McGill and Sir George Williams Universities. At the outbreak of war, he is living in Town of Mount Royal, Quebec.

Royal Canadian Air Force

He enlists for the Royal Canadian Air Force in Montreal on 14 October 1940. His initial training takes place at No. 1 Initial Training School from where he graduates on 3 February 1941. He is trained at the No. 1 Bomber and Gunnery School (Jarvis, Ontario) until 9 June 1941 and then at No. 1 Air Observer School (Malton, Ontario) until 27 April 1941. Finally, he is trained at No. 1 Air Navigation School (Rivers, Manitoba) graduating on 7 July 1941. He is commissioned in 1941.

177 Wing

In 1944, he is attached to 177 Wing as navigator in South-East Asia. He logs more than 250 hours of operational flying on Hudsons before joining the wing, but the unit is unknown to me at this point.

On 24 May 1944, he is awarded Distinguished Flying Cross. The medal presented 24 April 1948. He is then holding the rank of Flight Lieutenant and Wing Navigation Officer. He is later promoted to Squadron Leader. [2]

Naturalized on 8 July 1946 (208743 A). [3]


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