Danish WW2 Pilots

About the site

Danish WW2 Pilots is created to gather information on the Danes that joined and fought for air forces of the world during the Second World War. The site is an attempt to gather and share as much information as possible.


My main area of interest is the Danes that joined Royal Air Force or the hereto attached Norwegian units. Nevertheless, I have extented the scope of the site to cover pilots in combat at the German Occupation 9 April 1940, pilots who volunteered for the Finnish Air Force to fight the Russians during the Winter War, and pilots who joined the Luftwaffe.

The site deals with the pilots, their aircrafts and operations. It is an attempt to collect and share factual information on the pilots. In the profiles you will find an alphabetical list of the pilots registrered and for each pilot a brief discription of their life and service. If further data are registrered, it is possible to se futher details on the individual pilots militaty rank, orders, decorations and medals, operational sorties, victories etc.

Much information still need to be transferred from my notes and files to the database. For this reason alone, the brief pilots decriptions are in many cases very brief standard descriptions that will be elaborated when time allove for it. In other cases I do not yet have the information necesary to extend the description of a pilot.

The site will never be complete. It will only include information I have come across and has registred. If you have further information on one or more of the pilots aircrews included in the database, I will be very interested in this information. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

A few lines on myself

My name is Mikkel Plannthin and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have been interested in the Second World War for nearly all my life and especially the airwar. Some years ago, I started collecting information on Danish pilots in Royal Air Force service. This interest has developed into the idea of sharing my information with others through this site. I hope that you will find it interesting.