Danish WW2 Pilots

Sec. Off. Ruth Baadsgaard (m. Boex)

(1920 - 2000)

Born in England to Danish parents, Section Officer Ruth Baadsgaard was one of the Danish women who served in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force during the Second World War. One in seven of the Danish volunteers in the Allied air forces was a woman. Often their stories are little known.

Ruth Baadsgaard was born on 18 November 1920 in Greater London, the daughter of Hans Christensen Baadsgaard and Rhode Baadsgaard (née Jensen).[1] Both parents were born in Denmark, and married in Camberwell, London in 1919.[2] Born to Danish parents, she was a Danish national. The family lived in London for some years, but seems to have moved to Banbury in Oxfordshire at some point.[3]

Women's Auxiliary Air Force

Baadsgaard volunteered for the Women's Auxiliary Air Force in—or shortly after—July 1940 (423752).[4] She was commissioned as Assistant Section Officers on probation with effect from 14 July 1941.[5] A year later, she was confirmed in the appointment and promoted to Section Officer for the duration of the war (war substantive).[6] The information on her service is scarce. She seems to have served at a bomber station and later at a fighter station. At some point she was in command of 500 WAAFs.[7]

She met her future husband while in service. Sub-Lt John Justin Boex—then acting Lt Commander—worked in the Admiralty at the time.[8] The couple married in 1943 in Banbury, Oxfordshire.[9] The husband later served in India.[10]

Baadsgaard—then Boex—relinquished her commission as Section Officer with effect from 10 February 1954 retaining the rank of Flight Officer.[11]


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