Danish WW2 Pilots

Edvard Jespersen

(1914 - 1978)

Edvard Jespersen is in service in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

Edvard Jespersen is born on 1 July 1914. I have very little information on him, though. He arrives in Liverpool from Buenes Aires, Argentine, on-board SS Port Fremantle, on 12 April 1943. [1]

On 22 April 1943 a letter from Captain W. Michael Iversen of the Recruiting Office, Danish nationals, introduces him to Squadron Leader P N Shone of the Air Ministry. On 6 May 1943 he replies, that Edvard Jespersen is accepted for training as pilot, navigator or air bomber on 28 April 1943 (1894709, RAFVR). [2]

At the end of the war he holds the rank of Flying Officer. [3]


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