Danish WW2 Pilots

T/Sgt Paul Bundegaard Nielsen

(1922 - 2004)

Plt Off. Paul Bundegaard was one of a number of Danes enlisting in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War. He was trained as a navigator and served in Canada throughout the war.

Paul Bundegaard Nielsen was born on 6 October 1922, in Løgstør, Denmark. He was the son of ship’s carpenter Jens Claus Bundegaard Nielsen and Anna Kirstine Nielsen (née Madsen).[1]

The family moved to Copenhagen shortly after he was born. Nielsen’s father left Denmark for Canada in 1926.[2] When Nielsen’s mother arrived in Canada in 1929, he had settled in Port Arthur (Thunder Bay), Ontario. Nielsen and his sister Ruth lived in Odense at the grandparents before joining the parents Toronto, Ontario, in 1931.[3] They arrived in Halifax on 12 June 1931.[3]

Royal Canadian Air Force

Nielsen enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force in Toronto on 5 October 1942 (R.163080). He was mustered as an aero engine mechanic and trained at various training units including 4 Wireless School and 1 Technical Training School, St. Thomas.

In January 1944, he was re-mustered to air crew, and on 5 May 1944, he was posted to 7 Air Observer School, Portage la Prairie, Saskatoon. Nielsen was re-mustered as navigator and promoted to Pilot Officer (J.48805) in September 1944. He served at 2 Air Gunners Ground Training School before being released from service in January 1945.[5]

Nielsen was naturalized shortly after the release from on 2 March 1945. His profession is listed as machinist in the records. [6]


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