Danish WW2 Pilots

AC1 Inge Marie Kjær Nielsen (m. Dobson)

(1913 - 1990)

Inge Marie Kjær Nielsen served in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force during the Second World War. She was born in England by Danish-born parents.

Inge Marie Kjær Nielsen was born in Bromley, Kent, on 11 October 1913. She was the daughter of coachsmith Harald Oluf Nielsen and Ane Sørine Nielsen (née Kjær).[1] Her father settled in Bromley before the First World War and the marriage. The parents married in Copenhagen in 1912.[2] The father was naturalised in May 1916,[3] and Nielsen was, thus, British subject by birth.

In September 1939, Nielsen was a trained shorthand typist and a A.R.P. ambulance driver.[4]

Nielsen volunteered for the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force during the Second World War (2003035).[5] The exact date is not known, but the service number indicate that it was in mid-1941.[6] There is no further information on the nature of her service at this point, but in December 1942 she held the rank of Aircraftwoman 1st Class.[7]

She married Norman Dobson on 11 November 1942 in Uxbridge, Middlesex. She died in Jan 1990.[8]


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