Danish WW2 Pilots

Fg Off. Hjalmar Lorens Tambour

(1918 - 1980)

Hjalmar Lorens Tambour is trained as pilot in the Royal New Zealand Air Force flying in Italy in 1944.

Hjalmar Lorens Tambour is born on 21 November 1918 in Esbjerg, Denmark. He is the son of tailor Christian Tambour and Thyra Tambour (née Maltesen). The family changes the family name from Olesen to Tambour in 1924. [1] Hjalmar Lorens Tambour is himself trained as tailor before the war.

He enlists as airman pilot under training on 9 November 1941 and graduates as pilot in Royal New Zealand Air Force in mid-1942. He embarks SS Dominion Monarch for overseas service with the Royal Air Force on 22 June 1942.

He is posted to No. 93 Squadron in July 1943 and in 1944 he is still attached to this Squadron flying Spitfire with No. 92 (East India) Squadron over the Anzio Bridgehead in Italy.

Hjalmar Lorens Tambour is transferred to the reserve on 30 June 1946 and dies on 3 October 1980. He is buried in the Avenue Cemetery, Levin, New Zealand. [2]


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