Danish WW2 Pilots

AC2 Erik Marinus Jensen

(1922 - 2003)

Erik Marinus Jensen enlists in the Royal Canadian Air Force. He serves as Wireless Operator (Ground) in Canada.

Erik Marinus Jensen is born on 27 March 1922 in Løgstør, Denmark. He is the son of Anton Magnus Jensen and his wife Christine Marie Petersen Bødker. [1]

He arrives with his mother in Halifax, NS, on 25 July 1926 joining the father. [2]

In Service

He enlists in Royal Canadian Air Force on 31 October 1942 as Wireless Operator (Ground) (R.190333). He is posted to St.Jean, Quebec on 15 January 1943. On 16 March 1943 he is posted to No.5 Manning Depot and on 24 April 1943 to No.1 Wireless School.

On 24 November 1943 he is posted to No. 1 Manning Depot and he is further posted to No.2 Wireless School on 4 January 1944, to No.3 Wireless School on 22 June 1944 and to Technical Training School on 2 July 1944.

He is posted to No. 4 Repair Depot on 5 October 1944 and to No.12 Equipment Depot on 5 April 1945.

He is discharged on 14 September 1945. [3]

He is presumed identical to Emil Marinus Jensen naturalized on 9 December 1949 (60327 A). [4]


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