Danish WW2 Pilots

Berg Skaftved Jensen

(1923 - 2012)

Berg Skaftved Jensen is born in Denmark. He serves in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War as Aero Engine Mechanic. He is naturalised before enlistment.

Berg Skaftved Jensen is born on 13 March 1923 in Serritslev, Denmark. He is the son of Thorvald and Anna (Skaftved) Jensen. [1]

The family arrives in Canada on 30 June 1924 on-board SS DORIC. [2] He is naturalised on 18 October 1941 (47998 B, father) and is, thus, British subject at enlistment. [3]

He enlists in Royal Canadian Air Force, Moncton, on 10 March 1942 as Aero Engine Mechanic (R164962). He is posted to No. 5 Manning Depot. He is trained at Technical Training School, St. Thomas, Ontario, from 17 May 1942. He is promoted to Aircraftman 1st Class on 1 August 1942.

On 5 August 1942, he is posted to No.123 (Army Cooperation) Squadron and is promoted to Leading Aircraftman on 1 April 1943. He is posted to "Y" Depot on 2 December 1943 and is taken on strength at No. 3 Personnel Reception Centre, Bournemouth, on 13 December 1943.

He is repatriated to Canada on 23 November 1945 and is released on 6 February 1946. [3]


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