Danish WW2 Pilots

Flt Lt Peter Frederik Fischer

(1923 - )

Peter Frederik Fischer is among the Danes in service in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. He is trained as pilot, but in service as aerial gunner.

Peter Frederik Fischer is born on 6 July 1923 in Wandsworth, Greater London. He is christened by the Danish paster in Marlborough House Chapel. [1]

Though born in London, he is the son of Danish parents, namely Sofus Frederik Fischer (1889-1988) and Bertha K. Fischer (née Sørensen). The parents are married in the district of St. Martin in 1915. [2] His father is merchant (egg importer) in London and alien to Britain. [3]

In Royal Air Force service

Peter Frederik Fischer volunteers for the Royal Air Force Voluntary Reserve on 12 March 1943 not because of a long facination of aviation as many other Danish volunteers but rather because he felt obliged to contribute to the war effort.

He is enlisted as Aircraftsman 2nd Class (No. 1867926) and mustered as Aircrafthand Pilot/Navigator/Bomber. He is transferred to the reserve on 13 March 1943, but mobilised on 24 April 1943. [4]

After initial training he was sent on leave as all pilot trainings courses were complete at the time. Impatient to make an effort he re-muster to air gunner and, thus, soon ended training. He graduated with a commission as Pilot Officer (on probation) on 25 September 1943 (156830, RAFVR). [5]

He is confirmed in this appointment on 25 March 1944 and is appointed to Flying Officer on probation. [6]

He is crewed up with later Squadron Leader Kenneth Gooch and is posted to No. 1652 Conversion Unit. On 24 April 1944 he is posted to No. 10 Squadron, Melbourne, Yorkshire. They carry out two operational missions on Halifax in the beginning of May 1944. [7]

The crew is further posted to No. 35 Squadron, No. 8 (PFF) Group at Graveley on 15 May 1944. He completes another 50 missions at this squadron on Lancasters, including the bombing of Dresden in February 1945. His last mission is on 20 February 1945. [8]

On 12 March 1945 he is posted to No. 12 Operational Training Unit. [9]

He is awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross on 25 May 1945 (Gazette date) [10] and appointed Flight Lieutenant on 25 September 1945. He retains this rank. [11]

After the War

In the end of 1946 he changes his surname from Fischer to Falstrup-Fischer. He is then a Trinity College, Cambridge, undergraduate. [12]

In 1948 he arrives in New York from Southampton on-board MAURETANIA with his wife and daughter destined for Stanford Graduate School of Business in California. [13]


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