Danish WW2 Pilots

Erik Flemming von Holck

(1920 - 1977)

Erik Flemming von Holck is trained as officer in the Danish Army in the early 1940's. He escapes to Sweden and then England and is trained as agent in the SOE.

Erik Flemming von Holck is born on 17 February 1920 in Copenhagen. He is the son of Poul von Holck (b. 1888) og Ellen Bertha Henriette von Holck (née Halberg) (b. 1896).

The War Years

At the outbreak of war he is attending the Army's Officers' Academy. He is appointed Premierløjtnant (1st Lieutenant) on 1 November 1942. On 29 August 1943 the Danish Government is dissolved and the policy of cooperation is officially abandoned. The Danish armed forces are dissolved.

Erik Flemming von Holck manages to escape to Sweden and joins DANFORCE, the free Danish forces in Sweden. On 22 March 1944 he manages to get to England and joins the Special Operations Executive (SOE) and is trained as parachute agent.

In May 1944, he is one of a number of agents that are trained to liaison between SOE and the Danish Resistance in Denmark. At the end of the war, he is formally attached to The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment) as Lieutenant (328883).

After the War

Erik Flemming von Holck re-enlisted in the Danish Army Air Force after the war. Following a number of postings he is appointed Generalmajor (Major General) and commanding officer of the Air Force Materiel Organisation in 1972. He holds this position at the time of his death in 1977.

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