Danish WW2 Pilots

Proby. Tempy Lt. Poul Zigler

(1910 - 1989)

Poul Zigler is one of few Danish naval pilots in the Royal Navy during the Second World War.

Poul Zigler is born on 21 May 1910 in Nyborg on the island of Funen. He is the son of postmaster and captain Johannes Zigler (1877-1946) and Louise Zigler (née Sørensen) (1882-1947).

Naval Officer

Poul Zigler joins the Danish Navy as Cadet in 1930 and is promoted to Søløjtnant af 2den Grad (Second Lieutenant) on 19 September 1934. In 1934 he is trained as observer in the Danish Naval Air Service. In 1935 he has various assignments on board HVIDBJØRNEN and SIXTUS. He is promoted to Søløjtnant af 1ste Grad (First Lieutenant) on 1 August 1935.

He is trained as pilot in 1937 and assigned to the Naval Air Service as pilot from 18 november 1937 to 22 Arpil 1940. On 1 October 1939 he is promoted to Kaptajnløjtnant (Lieutenant Captain).

In 1940-41 he has various assignments at sea; second in command on board SØLØVEN and in command of HAVØRNEN.

Leaving Denmark and Joining the Royal Navy

On 29 August 1943 the Danish Government is dissolved and the policy of cooperation is officially abandoned. The Danish armed forces are dissolved. On that very day Poul Zigler is transferred to Sweden and in March 1944 further transferred to England.

He is trained at the Royal Naval College, Greeenwich. He is appointed Lieutenant in the Royal Naval Reserve.

He volunteers for the Fleet Air Arm. He is posted to No. 780 Squadron for a conversion course. Completing this course he is posted to No. 782 Squadron, Royal Navy, from May 1944 to June 1945; a communication squadron based at R.N. Air Station, Donibristle.

After the Liberation

On 30 June 1945 Poul Zigler returns to Denmark and the Danish Naval Air Service. From July to December 1945 he is attached to the Office of Air Force Affairs and participated in ferrying a number of aircraft from England to Denmark.

He returns to pilot’s duties in the Naval Air Service on 1 December 1945 and is in service until being transferred to the then newly established Royal Danish Air Force on 1 October 1950.

From 30 March to 6 November 1946 Poul Zigler is trained at the Royal Air Force Staff College training for a future staff career in the Danish Air Force. From March to July 1947 he participates in ferrying a number of Catalinas from USA and Canada to Denmark.

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