Danish WW2 Pilots

Peter Nikolaj Brandt-Møller

(1907 - 2000)

Peter Nikolaj Brandt-Møller joins the Army Air Corps in 1934. In 1944-45 he is one of the Danish pilots trained in Sweden as part of DANFORCE.

Peter Nikolaj Brandt-Møller is born on 24 November 1907. He obtains a Master of Science in Mathematics and Physics in 1932, and does his military service in 1933 in the Army.

The following year he is accepted at the Army Air School and is trained as pilot earning is wings the same year (pilot's certificate 161/34). He is then private in the 8th Battalion. He is appointed Sekondløjtnant (2nd Lieutenant) in 1935, and Premierløjtnant (1st Lieutenant) in 1937 and Kaptajnløjtnant (Lieutenant Captain) in 1942.


P. N. Brandt-Møller is one of the Danish pilots attached to the Danish squadron trained in Sweden following the German siege of the armed forces in 1943. From April 1944 to May 1945 he is trained at Flygflottijl 4, 7 and 12. The force was never saw combat and returned to Denmark 12 May 1945 by train.

After the War

Immediately after the war, from May to 5 July 1945, he is attached to No. 1 Squadron, 8403 Disarmament Wing, as liaison officer in Karup (Grove) Airfield an the Mid-Jutland area.

He returns to the Army Air Corps and is appointed Kaptajn /Captain) in 1947 and further to Oberstløjtnant (lieutenant captain) in the then newly established Danish Air Force in 1952.

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