Danish WW2 Pilots

Jørn Juul Ulrich

(1913 - 1992)

Jørn Juul Ulrich is born on 18 June 1913. He is the son of managing director Asel Juul Ulrich (1864-1839) and Ellen Catinka Ulrich (b. Halkier) (1879-1933). He is married to Bente Kongsted on 8 July 1944.

Joining the Naval Air Service

Jørn Juul Ulrich joins the Danish Navy as Cadet in 1933. On 25 September 1937, he is appointed Søløjtnant af 2den Grad (2nd Lieutenant). He is trained as observator in the Naval Air Service in October to December 1937.

In March to November 1938, he is trained as pilot and from 5 November 1938 to 4 January 1940 he is posted at the 2den Luftflotille (2nd air flotilla) as pilot.

Finnish Air Force

He applies for permissision to volunteer for the Finnish Air Force in late 1939. Rejected, Jørn Juul Ulrich and his friend Knut Kalmberg deserts to fight in the Winter War (Pontoppidan, 1984).

On 2 February 1940, he shoots down a Russian Tupolev SB-2, and has further two victories and a possible before he himself is shot down on 13 February 1940 at Värtsilä. He is badly wounded, but survives and returns to Denmark.

The Danish Forces in Sweden

In 1944-45, he was attached to the airforce of DANFORCE, the Danish Brigade in Sweden. Though equipped and trained for combat in Denmark, the force was never in combat and returned to Denmark 12 May 1945 by train (Holm, 1995).