Danish WW2 Pilots

LAC Anton George Jensen

(1900 - n.a. )

Anton George Jensen is born in Denmark, but emigrates to Australia in 1927. He volunteers for the Royal Australian Air Force in 1942 and serves though the war as well as in the Occupation Forces in Japan following V-J Day

Anton Jørgen Jensen (later known as Anton George Jensen) is born on 13 February 1900 in Grædstrup, Denmark. He is the son of farmer Niels Peter Jensen and Vilhemine Marie Jensen (née Nielsen). [1]

He leaves Denmark in November 1924 for England, where he is employed for 9 months. He returns to Denmark, but leaves again in early 1927 bound for Australia. He arrives in Fremantle, Australia, per HOBSONS BAY on 17 February 1927. He works in as farmer for 11 years in Ravensthorpe, Western Australia. He then moves to Kalgoorlie working in the mines. [2]

Volunteers for the Royal Australian Air Force

He enlists for the Royal Australian Air Force at No. 4 Recruit Centre in Perth on 5 September 1942 as Aircraftman Class I and remustered as General Hand. He is transferred to No. 4 Recruit Depot, Busselton, Western Australia. On 23 September 1942 he is posted to No. 4 Embarkation Depot No. 4 Embarkation Unit in Adelaide. From here he is transferred to No. 55 Operational Base Unit at RAAF Birdum, Northern Territory, as part of the reserve pool on 21 October 1942.

On 25 October 1942 he is transferred to No. 1 Repair and Salvage Unit, Higgins Field. He is reclassified to Leading Aircraftman on 5 March 1943. On 30 September 1943 He is transferred to No. 11 Squadron, RAAF Cairns, Queensland. On 5 November 1943 he is further posted to No. 5 Embarkation Unit. On 27 December 1943 he is transferred to the newly formed No. 7 Communication Unit. On 20 September 1944 he is remustered to Driver Motor Transport. He is reclassified to Leading Aircraftman on 20 December 1944. [3]

On 21 July 1945 he is transferred to No. 77 Operational Base Unit, and on 20 February 1946 he is transferred to No 81 Fighter Wing as part of the RAAF Occupational Force in Japan. On 11 April 1946 he is transferred to No. 5 Airfield Construction Squadron in Japan working on the reconstruction of damaged buildings as well as the airstrips at Bofu and Miho. [4]

He is transferred to T D & R Section on 14 August 1947 from where he is discharged on 10 November 1947. [5]

Anton George Jensen applies for naturalization in 1955 [6]


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