Danish WW2 Pilots

Ltn. Kjeld Rønhof


332 Sqn


Spitfire IX , BS401 (AH-S)




15:00 -16:35


Circus 274. At 1500 hours, 12 aircraft of this Squadron, led by W/Cdr. P.G.Jameson D.F.C., took off from together with 331(N) Squadron on Circus 274. Apart from a slight alteration in timing, this operation was a repetition of this morning. The Enlish coast was crossed at Lympne at 4,000 feet and course was set for the French coast. Before reaching the coast, Lt. Ulstein E. had to return owing to trouble with the electrical system. The Wing turned to starboard and flew along the coast, and then crossed at Hardelot at 17,000 feet. Some heavy but inaccurate flak was seen one mile to the North of Hardelot. Climbing steadily, course was set for St. Omer. Before reaching St. Omer, enemy aircraft were reported to the S.E. of this area and the Wing altered course slightly to investigate. Havin[g] made a wide orbit to starboard, no enemy aircraft were seen, and the Wing turned North flying at 30-40,000 feet. At this time numerous e/a were observed flying in sections of two. When one of these sections of e/a were seen to approach from 11-o'clock slightly below, Yellow section of this Squadron broke away to intercept. e/a took evasive action by diving down and later pulled up sharply. Yellow section also pulled up but owing to their greater speed were not able to get into attacking position. Yellow section rejoined the Wing after these attacks, and this Squadron had no further attacks. 331(N) Squadron has a few combats with the e/a, resulting in 1 F.W190 being destroyed, 2 F.W.190's probably destroyed and one damaged, without any casualties to our pilots or aircraft. The Ffrench coast was crossed at Sangatte flying at 34,000 feet. Considerable icing difficulties were experienced by out pilots. In mid-channel a port orbit was made but nothing seen and course was set for base. The Squadron crossed the English coast at Folkstone and had landed by 1635 hours. No enemy shipping was seen.


AIR 27/1728


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