Danish WW2 Pilots

Flt Lt Peter Frederik Fischer


35 Sqn


Lancaster B III , PB288 (TL-P)


25.08.44 / 26.08.44


20:13 -01:32


Raid carried out from Graveley against Brest

POINT DES ESPAGNOLS. 28x7 Hd.Fls. 00.11 hours 12200 ft. 045 T. 155 knots. 9/10ths strata cu. Tops about 6000 feet. Good visibility above. Target identified by H2S (184 indicator) & flares already down later confirmed by green TI. Ran up on H2S and two lanes of flares already down, almost on top of each other. Released on first flare in line, which was seen in bombsight. No green TI seen. This was seen cascading at about 00.12 hours.

POINT ILE LONGUE. 28x7 hd.fls. 22.57.30 hrs. 12200 ft. 070 T. 155 knots. 9/10ths thin strata cu. Tops about 6000 ft. Good vis. above. Identified on Green TI checked by H2S (184 indicator). Yellow glow through clouds seen in Brest area at 22.54 hrs. Green TI. Cascaded on stbd. Bow at 22.57 hrs. Flares released on this. Master Bomber not heard.


  1. F/L K C Gooch
  2. P/O H.M Pringle
  3. F/S N T Adams
  4. F/S R Perkins
  5. Sgt A E Smith
  6. F/O P. F. Fischer
  7. F/S F R Harmsworth-Smith


AIR 27/318


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