Danish WW2 Pilots

Flt Lt Peter Frederik Fischer


35 Sqn


Lancaster B III , PB288 (TL-P)


12.08.44 / 13.08.44


21:59 -02:46


Raid carried out from Graveley against Russelsheim

6x2000 MC. 00.10 hours. 16000 feet. 069 T. 154 knots. 4/10ths strata cumulus tops about 13/14,000 feet. Target identified and bombed on G.P.I. Target indicators red were on ground when we bombed and greens were going down at the time of bombing also the illuminating flares. The two rivers were identified visually but no built up areas. We were too early to see any results when over target. There were two greens on the reds and one green away to port when we left, the target area. The bombing concentration seemed to be getting quite good in the area of the target indicators down.


  1. F/L K C Gooch
  2. P/O W.G. Palmer
  3. Sgt. C Burgay
  4. Sgt G A Pope
  5. Sgt R. Bentley
  6. F/O P. F. Fischer
  7. Sgt. H.B. Sharpe


AIR 27/318


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