Danish WW2 Pilots

Flt Lt Peter Frederik Fischer


35 Sqn


Lancaster B I , NG434 (TL-T)


07.02.45 / 08.02.45


19:28 -00:11


Raid carried out from Graveley against Goch

10xGP.No.3.‘B‘. 4x1000 ANM.65. Flares at 22.09.06 hours. 7,500 feet. 050 T. 155 knots. Bombs at 22.09.18 hours. 7,000 feet. 050 T. 155 knots. 10/10ths strata cu. Identified and bombed on GEE. Oboe reds could be seen through cloud when immidiately above target. We came down through cloud and a concentration of red and green was observed. After bombing a green was seen to fall in centre of reds and greens. Master Bomber heard to give „Bomb in centre of reds and greens“. Bomb explosions seen in marked area.


  1. S/L K C Gooch
  2. F/L M Palmer
  3. F/L F W T Cross
  4. F/O J E Fenwick
  5. F/S H Evans
  6. F/O P. F. Fischer
  7. Sgt G Lindsley
  8. F/L E T Sinclair (2nd Pilot)


AIR 27/382


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