Danish WW2 Pilots

2nd Ltt. Palle Thomsen


331 Sqn


Spitfire IX L.F. (FN-K)




08:45 -10:05


D.D.716. Armed recces was carried out in sections of 2 a/c with intervals of 15 minutes between each. They covered the area DORDRECHT-ROTTERDAM-HILVERSUM-ZWOLLE-HENGELO-ARNHEM. In the first part of the day only very little military movement was seen in this area but it improved during the day and the final bag was fairly good. The results of the day's work was as follows: 2 Locos damaged, cannon and M/G strikes on 10-12 wagons. 1 Met. and 1 Petrol bowser destroyed, 1 staff car and 4 motorcycles, 2 (...) tanks and 10 other Mets. damaged. The weather was exellent for this sort of operation, during the whole day which is shown by the fact that 29 individual sorties were flown by the sqdr. alone. No opposition was met in the air, in fact no hostil aircraft was seen at all, but in the (...) first half of the day flak was very intense at some places, and the last sections met no opposition at all. 2 a/c were hit but the pilots were unhurt and managed to get back to base safely.


AIR 27/1726


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