Danish WW2 Pilots

Ltn. Kjeld Rønhof


332 Sqn


Spitfire IX , BS249 (AH-R)




18:30 -20:20


No. 12 Group Ramrod 15. 11 aircraft led by Major F. Thorsager took off on this operation together with 331 (N) Squadron. The North Weald Wing was going to carry out a covering sweep in the Flushing area. Flying at sea level until 1905 hours, the Wing then started climbing rapidly – a head wind helping. The Wing passed the Northern tip of Walcheren and proceeded as far as the Island of tholem. Just East of Walcheren, Blue section of this Squadron dived to attack 2 F.W.190's some 1500 feet below to the port. Blue 2, 2/Lt. Isachsen H. followed his No. 1 2/Lt. Eriksen M., D.F.M. and reports that Blue 1 destroyed one of the F.W.190's – seeing it dive down and catch fire. This section was attacked from starboard quarter slightly above and Blue 2 [Isachsen] took violent evasive action. When he was able to look around he was unable to see the Spitfire of his No. 1 but he saw a parachute. The remainder of the Squadron continued and were attacked by numerous F.W.190's out of the clouds. Several combats took place in which 2/Lt. Djønne O. destroyed two F.W.190's and 2/Lt. Gilhuus J. damaged a F.W.190. See attached reports concerning these combats. 2/Lt. Isachsen H. and 2/Lt. Gilhuus J. landed at Bradwell to refuel and the remainder of the Squadron had landed at base by 2020 hours. 2./Lt. M. Eriksen D.F.M. and 2/Lt. Fuglesang N. did not return from this operation. Weather:- 8/10ths cloud at 24,500 feet in the combat area. Claims:- 2 F.W.190's destroyed by 2/Lt. Djønne O. and 1 F.W.190 damaged by 2/Lt. Gilhuus J.


AIR 27/1728


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