Danish WW2 Pilots

Svend Frederik Clement

(1917 - 1998)

Svend Frederik Clement is in service in the Royal Norwegian Air Force in Canada and/or England during the Second World War.

Svend Frederik Clement is born on 5 May 1917 in Copenhagen. [1]

At Sea before the War

In the late 1930s Svend Frederik Clement is engaged as steward on-board SS EUROPA of the Danish East Asiatic Company. Since 1931, SS EUROPA had made numerous trips from Copenhagen to the West coast of U.S. and Canada.

Several of Svend Frederik Clement's trips are traceable in the U.S. Immigration records. The records suggest that his first engagement is on 26 September 1938. On 16 November 1938 he arrives in Seattle, Washington, from Vancouver, British Columbia. He makes further to trips before the start of the war in September 1939. [2]

War breaks out

At the outbreak of war, 3 September 1939, SS EUROPA is about to make another ordinary trip to the U.S. and Canada, and Svend Frederik Clement is engaged again on 8 September 1939. Since other lines had ceased sailing on the U.S. due to the war, it was expected that a large number of people were stranded in New York. Extraordinarily therefore, the ship arrives in New York on 18 October 1939. SS EUROPA returns to Denmark in December 1939.

SS EUROPA and Svend Frederik Clement leaves Copenhagen once more in late January 1940 and arrive in New York on 1 February 1940. It continues its route and arrives in Seatte, Washington on 3 March 1940. On the way to New York the crew learns about the German Occupation of Denmark. The ship arrives in New York from Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, on 12 April 1940. On board SS EUROPA at this point are also Arne Nikolaisen and Tage Friis Christensen who are also later volunteers at camp "Little Norway".

From New York the ship leaves for Halifax, where the Canadian authorities take charge of the ship. For about 7 months the ship is engaged in convoy shipping cross the Atlantic. On 12 December 1940 it is hit by German bombs in Liverpool. Attempts are made to salvage and repair the ship, but on 3 May 1941 it is damaged beyond repair in another German attack.

I have no information about Svend Frederik Clement being on-board at this time. [3]

Volunteers for service in Little Norway

Svend Frederik Clement volunteers for the Royal Norwegian Air Forces at some point, but I have – at this point – little information on his service other than that he is in administrative service and holds the rank of sergeant.

On 11 November 1942 he arrives in United States from Canada and is registered as soldier in "Little Norway". He crosses the border again in May 1943, but none of these visits seems to have been in order to embark for Europe. [4]

On 31 October 1945 he crosses again in transit to Norway presumably to end his engagement with the Royal Norwegian Air Force. [5]


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