Danish WW2 Pilots


The nucleus of this site is the individual profiles of each person I have been able to find that was in air force service during the war. The profiles can be accessed though the alphabetical index.

Karen Hansen

Karen Hansen was one of the Danish women who served in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force during the Second World War. She was a domestic servant in Twickenham at the outbreak of war and experienced the Blitz before volunteering in 1942.

Helen Helga Moe (m. Vyff)

Helen Helga Moe enlisted in the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) in 1943. She was one of twenty-nine Danish born WACs during the Second World War.

Ole Bechgaard

Ole Bechgaard was born in Sweden in a Danish family. He emigrated to British East Africa in the late 1920s, and later studied at the University of Edinburgh. He volunteered for the Royal Air Force, but was killed in October 1943.

Bent Knudsen

Bent Knudsen is at sea at the time the Germans occupy Denmark. He ends up in Australia where he volunteers for the Royal Australian Air Force. He is in service as guard until the end of the war.