Danish WW2 Pilots

Carl Gustav van der Aa Kühle

(1910 -)

Carl Gustav van der Aa Kühle is born in Sweden, raised in Denmark, and living in Kenya at the outbreak of war. He is one of three brothers in British service.

Carl Gustav Claus Gunnar van der Aa Kühle is born on 28 August 1910 in Frederiksberg, Denmark. He is son of Carl Gustav van der Aa Kühle (1982-1939) and Eli van der Aa Kühle (1884-1979) and grand son of Søren Anthon van der Aa Kühle, managing director of the Carlsberg Breweries. In 1918 the family returns to Denmark. Before the war Carl Gustav and two of his brothers emigrate to Africa. In 1935 he is married to Peggy Elise Thomsen.

In Royal Air Force Service

Carl Gustav van der Aa Kühle volunteers fort he Royal Air Force during the Second World War, but I have very little information on his service. A Carl Gustav Claus Gunnar KUHLE (88898) is mentioned several times in the London Gazette during the war years. I am almost positive, but not certain, that this person is Carl Gustav van der Aa Kühle. The following information is based on this assumption.

On 17 June 1940 he is promoted to Pilot Officer on probation in the Administrative and Special Duties Branch of the Royal Air Force. Exactly a year later, he is conformed in this appointment and promoted to the war substantive rank of Flying Officer.

For unknown reasons he relinquishes the rank of Flying Officer and is transferred to the General Duties Branch in the rank of Pilot Officer on 15 October 1941. He is further promoted to Flying Officer on 19 June 1943 and to Flight Lieutenant on 15 January 1944.

On 1 January 1945, his name is included in a rather long list of names published in the London Gazette No. 36866 of people who have been Mentioned in Dispatches. I have no information on the grounds of this. He is retaining his rank on 5 July 1946.

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