Danish WW2 Pilots

Peter Horn

(1915 - n.a.)

Very little has been written on this pilot, who according to many sources was the most successful Danish fighter pilot during the Second World War - if this is measured in aerial victories.

Peter Horn is born on 15 October 1915. He joins the joins the army and is trained as a pilot. He gets his wings in 1937 (pilot’s certificate 214/37). On 9 October 1938, he is appointed Sekondløjtnant (2nd Lieutenant), and at the outbreak of war, he is Løjtnant af reserven (Lieutenant of the reserve).

According to Neulen (2000), Peter Horn volunteers for the Finnish Air Forve during the Winter War, but I have not been able to confirm this from different sources.

Joining the Luftwaffe

On 8 July 1941, an announcement from the Ministry of War permits commissioned officers of the Danish armed forces to volunteer for Freikorps Denmark. A number of Danish officers enlist; on of these being Peter Horn who volunteers for Luftwaffe service.

According to Ancker (2001), he is not accepted for Luftwaffe service. Nevertheless, at some point he is accepted and remains in Luftwaffe service until the end of the war. He is attached to 1./JG51. He is credited with 10 or 11 aerial victories on the Eastern Front.

He survives the war. During his Luftwaffe service, Peter Horn is decorated with Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse and Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse (Iron Cross) (Neulen, 2000).

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